Has COVID-19 killed the office printer once and for all?

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Thomas Hartle


While COVID-19 has had an undoubtedly calamitous effect on the economics of healthcare, the pandemic has also spurred widespread adoption of new operating models that promise to make offices, clinics and hospitals more efficient than ever before. Leveraging new technologies, healthcare is getting even closer to fulfilling its triple aim. Has COVID-19 ended healthcare’s addiction to paper-based workflows and their inherent inefficiencies? What are some strategies for introducing longtime patients to new ways of operating? If telemedicine replaces most normal visits, should your patient acquisition strategies reach to new markets that are farther away? We’ll discuss all of the above and more. 









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20 min with a

10 min Q&A

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Topics covered during this webinar:

  • ​Patient Education Genius Library

  • Content Management System

  • PEG Patient Intake Forms

  • 10 minute Q&A for any questions!

Tom Hartle

Tom Hartle


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Founder of CoherentRx,
creator of Patient Education Genius.

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