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Communicating with pregnant patients during COVID-19

Associates in Women's Health (AWH, has used Patient Education Genius for years to send patient education information to their patients and collect online reviews from satisfied patients.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Brandy Hoffman, RN and AWH’s Clinical Manager, began to use PEG’s mass messaging tools: Because some patients would travel hours to get to their appointments, it is paramount that patients are prepared and informed about changes in AWH’s operations and scheduling.

"There’s a lot less frustration at the front desk...Typically, we would send a letter to everyone, but that’s so expensive and we don’t know if it reaches them."

The PEG team had a chat with Brandy about how she’s using PEG today, how it’s changed her workflow and what she sees as the impact on women’s medicine.

How have you been using Patient Education Genius to communicate with your patients?

I’ve been using the mass messaging daily and it’s been doing amazing. We send messages to the women who have appointments the day before they come in. When we tailored the message, we started it with, “Important appointment information.”  It also lets patients know how the check-in process goes, and it's working.

How has PEG changed the way you work?

Brandy: It’s made it easier for me to communicate with patients and it’s cut down on the time it takes to reach out. It’s something I look forward to using.

I can get this done in 15 minutes. That’s a huge thing for me to be able to take this off my plate. Lately, I average 150 to 250 patients a day. By using the messaging feature, we capture more patients because we’re able to send emails and text messages. The thing I’ve learned is if I have an appointment who has a sonogram and regular visit on the same day, I’m not sending them more than one message about their visit and they aren’t getting two messages.

I also like the tracking function because I can tell exactly where it’s failed, such as when someone’s email is wrong.

Are there any other ways PEG has been helpful?

There’s a lot less frustration at the front desk, I’ve noticed. Patients come in prepared for their appointments and know what to expect. I can also see it being helpful if one of our physicians retires or we bring on a new provider. We can introduce them to our patients using the PEG product. Typically, we would send a letter to everyone, but that’s so expensive and we don’t know if it reaches them. With this, we know who should receive the message and if they read it. It’s great. You have a real winner on your hands!


Learn more about the innovative ways providers are engaging their patients on the PEG blog.

Take good care, Tom, Zach and the PEG Team

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