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Using PEG for Telehealth, E-Visits and Phone Consultations

Whether distributing information about COVID-19 to your entire patient panel or keeping up with your scheduled appointments, provider-patient communication has never been more critical. 

To slow the spread of the virus, CMS is reimbursing telemedicine efforts at record rates. As their practices begin the transition to a “virtual visit” model, our partners have begun using PEG to send materials to their patients remotely. 

  • Distribute COVID-19 information to your population via text message or email

  • Keep patients up-to-date on your operations and schedule

  • Send links to video conferencing tools and instructions

  • Provide patients with education materials immediately following their telehealth encounter, e-visit or phone consult

For existing clients, using PEG for telehealth doesn’t require any additional set-up or cost. And remember: PEG can be integrated with your EHR, or function as a standalone web solution. Whatever works best for your new workflow.

To learn more about using PEG for telehealth, just call us at 888.244.0574, reply to this email, or click the button below to schedule a short info session. We’ll connect with you right away.

Take good care.

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