Combining twenty five thousand patient education materials with simple digital delivery tools, the Patient Education Genius is designed to facilitate shared decision-making at the point of care.

Improve Quality of Care By making education easier for yoru clinicians and patients both,  your quality of care will improve
Prevent Readmissions Patients who understand their care are proven to better adhere to their treatment
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How It Works




1. Comprehensive Education
The Patient Education Genius is filled with over 25,000 patient education materials, not to mention 3D anatomy visuals, digital delivery tools, and a patient tracking dashboard.




2. Easily Installed and Integrated
With multi-platform support and EHR integration, the Patient Education Genius can be installed system-wide with the flip of a switch, instantly making patient education a seamless step in your clinicians' workflows.




3. Enhanced Consultations
Customized to suit each clinician's unique workflow, the Patient Education Genius allows clinicians to swiftly access materials at the point of care and easily deliver them to their patients via text or email.

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4. Better Outcomes
Patients who are engaged in their care experience better outcomes. It's proven. Accessible from any web browser and easily shared with caregivers, patients prefer digital education materials. Plus, you can't lose them. 

“I have two goals: to educate patients and to improve the health system-patient relationship. From what I have seen so far, both goals are being accomplished. Patients learn and they love getting information this way. It’s a win-win.”
— Paul Christensen, MD, Beaumont Health, Michigan


What You Get

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have packages to suit any budget. We even have some samples of the Patient Education Genius that you can use for free! Request a free quote, or call 888.244.0574 for more information.

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Your organization can educate patients in a whole new way in five days or less.

The Patient Education Genius is designed to adapt to any technological infrastructure and workflow, including mobile, desktop and web-based workflows. EHR integration is optional.

  • It's got volume. The Patient Education Genius provides easy access to over 25,000 education materials, catering to the full spectrum of patient populations.
  • It's got variety. Paired with industry-leading 3D anatomy visuals, the patient education library covers procedure, diagnosis and treatment information across every medical specialty.
  • It's high-value. Evidence-based, clinician-approved education materials are sourced from the nation’s leading federal and non-profit organizations.
  • It’s digital. Patients don’t want pamphlets. They lose them. The Patient Education Genius is on whatever devices your staff uses and integrates into your EHR.
  • It’s a shared-decision making machine. Documenting your education efforts with never-before-captured data, you can access a digital “paper trail” for billing, audits and risk management.