Patient Education Genius is a boutique healthcare software company that specializes in building mobile-first patient engagement solutions. From pre-visit surveys to follow-ups we help you better communicate with everyone you need to throughout each step of your process. 

Reimagine healthcare relationships

Timely and accurate communication is key to the health and safety of your patients, students, and employees.

Everyone’s a patient Now

In this “new normal” healthcare relationships are everywhere. No longer limited to physician practices and hospitals, these conversations are now critically important in schools, companies, and non-profits.





With PEG every solution is unique to your organization and includes features that are inspired by your unique needs.



We know that software becomes shelfware without improvements, so we constantly are improving every aspect of our platform through collaboration with your users who utilize the technology every day.



Some companies pivoted when the pandemic hit but we didn’t have to. We’ve been developing technology that improves healthcare communication for nearly a decade, and we've leveraged that expertise to make software your users will actually use.

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Before anyone gets to your door, get the information you need through a mobile-first approach that's likely to be completed.
Intake forms
Pre-screening questionnaires
Text messages have open rates as high as 98% due to how few texts a person receives per day vs email. - Gartner
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Communication doesn’t stop when they leave. Keep them informed by keeping the conversation going, all without having to be face to face.
Follow-up materials
Interactive chatbots
Virtual followups are critical as the CDC advises that the more closely you interact with others, and the longer the interaction, the more at risk you are.


You don’t need to invest a lot of staff time to keep your organization safe and healthy. From testing to tracing we’ve got you covered in as few staff hours as possible.
Screening, Testing and tracing.
Mobile-powered surveys and result communications
According to the Society for HR Management nearly half of workers are feeling burnt out and emotionally drained during the pandemic but still need to prevent a COVID19 outbreak that could cost lives and contribute to downtime that could cost your organization millions.
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Rebecca Cucura

RN, North Carolina

I love knowing that my patients are actually reading the materials sent to them.

Image by humberto chavez

Susie Eitel

RN, MSN, FNP-BC, Clinical Operations Director, Kansas

I love that I can send the materials via text or email.

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Randall Morgan

MD, OB/GYN, Kansas

Many are impressed that they receive the information while they are still in the examination room.

Our satisfied clients.

Whatever their size, focus, or EHR system, our clients immediately recognize the difference in the experience and fall in love with Patient Education Genius.

Reimagine your healthcare relationships?

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