Frequently asked questions

What Should I Expect?

What do I do 1st?

The first step for any and all schools: any school that wishes to participate must fill out the School Account Creation Form. If the form is not filled out, you will not be on the list of schools to participate in the digital screening. Once the form is filled out, you will be on PEG’s radar and a team member will reach out to you to fill out your student/staff roster.

How do i fill out the roster?

Instructions for filling out the roster can be found in the How-to-Guide.

Common Questions

Who gets the survey?

The parents/guardians of students, as well as school staff members.

What time will the survey be sent?

The survey is sent automatically at 5:30am based on the contact information you provided for each student and staff member.

Can I alter the contact spreadsheet?

No. If you alter the spreadsheet in any way it may result in your survey messages not be sent or submitted properly. Please follow the spreadsheet rules and fill out each row accordingly for each student/staff member including not making changes to the columns or tabs in the spreadsheet.

How are siblings at a school handled in the survey?

Every individual MUST have all contact information filled out for them, even if sibling #1 already has a phone and email filled out. Sibling #2 must also have their row filled out with contact information even if it is the same phone number/email.

Can I have multiple emails or phone numbers for a student?

No. It is advised that every family select a primary email and/or primary phone number to recieve the survey. Once recieved, that primary contact is able to forward the screening link to other people as needed.

How long is the survey open for?

Each school day the survey is open from 5:30am until 8:30am.

Can the survey be customized?

No. The survey and all aspects of sending and submitting the survey are not customizable at an individual school level.

How do I access the survey submissions?

Go to and login with the login information provided to you. Then go to your “tracking” page to access your green, red, yellow submissions. As a reference, green is good to go, red is at-risk, and yellow has not submitted and should be treated as a red until information is submitted.

What does it mean when my dashboard says that I have "mismatched ID's?"

If you have mismatched IDs, that means that the information provided in your spreadsheet does not match up with the information that was submitted by your student’s parent/guardian or staff member.

Getting Help

Where do i go to contact support?

During school mornings when messages are being sent out and when submissions are coming in, please email or call 888.244.0574.

Do you have any live workshops?

We offer open webinars each week to assist schools with their programs. Join us at 10:00am and 2pm on Tuesday's and Thursdays by clicking this link, or by dialing in using your phone at +1 (872) 240-3311 Access Code: 621-577-333.

How To Guide

Where can I find the how to guide?

Click here.