Frequently asked questions for parents

When will I receive the message with the Daily Screening Survey?

Messages are sent out at approximately 5:30 AM Monday-Friday

What will the screener look like?

Daily screener example

Why did I receive a red checkmark? Can I bring my child into school?

You answered YES to one of the health screen questions. You are required to call the school office for further instructions before the child can attend school.

When should I complete the screener?

The goal is to complete the screener by 8:30 am each day. Please complete the health screener prior to dropping your child/ren off at school.

What if my child is coming late to school?

The goal is to complete the screener each day by 8:30 am. When your child is coming in late please complete the screener prior to coming into the building or follow your schools instructions.

What if I have multiple children?

You will receive a separate message for each student with a survey that is unique to each of them. Please note that your cell phone or email provider may bundle these messages into one “conversation” so it's important to respond for every student.

Will the survey come to my email or via text?

Typically it will come to both. This is to ensure that you receive it should one of them not be accessible. Please contact your school when/if you need your contact info changed.

How do I change my phone number or email address?

To change your information please inform the school office.

Can I stop receiving texts at any time?

Yes, you can. Please contact your school to have your contact information updated.

If by chance you opted out of the text messages by accident, simply return to the original message and type the word START.

Is my information shared with anyone or any organizations?

All student/guardian information is securely protected. The information PEG collects from schools becomes de-identified data which means all personally identified information is removed (child’s name, school name, phone number and email address.) The de-identified data is reported to the Kent County Health Department.

I have twin students with the same initials and the same DOB. How do I differentiate their surveys?

Please work with your school to identify the best alternative initials to use (i.e. middle name) so that each student is identifiable for you and the school.